Who we are

Rewind the clock back a few years...

There they were, Kristin and Dennis, sitting in the same creative writing class in college. It's where they met for the first time.

Time goes by. Dating, engagement, marriage. All the while, working, trying to make life work.

Of course, that whole "writing" thing went out the window. Are they famous writers blogging under pseudonyms? Are they deep in the process of writing the great American novels that will be a shoe-in for book awards?

Sadly, no. But they do want to get back in the writing mood, use their degrees for good use other than covering up scuff marks on the walls of their upstairs office.

This blog is our outlet, our way to get away from work, craziness. It's our way of healing ourselves day to day. Think of it like taking cover in a video game and regenerating life and energy. We definitely don't want to just throw shit up here without some kind of thought going into it. So, if you're used to visiting blogs loaded with gifs and sparkly crap, you're not really going to get that here. You're also not going to get posts every day, because we have to work for a living and we like having things like heat and food.

Whenever something does come to mind, though, we will definitely share it. Hopefully, it'll make you smile or think or think about smiling.

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