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If you read our blog regularly (maybe more regularly than we post lately?), you know that I've been jamming on Go Mighty lately, and the awesomeness that this group of women have created for us all to share in. There's a new campaign going on with Go Mighty, thanks to blogger Nat the Fat Rat, where women take to the internet to spread the love, rather than the hate, and help a charity out in the meantime - you can read Natalie's full explanation of the project here.

So I'm posting my lady love list here, and will individually tweet out my love for each of these amazing women individually. I tried to start this on twitter, and then realized there was no way I could cover each person in 140 characters (less hashtag and tagging Nat). Impossible. I did, however, try to keep these short so that you all would actually care enough to read them.

Dear @ThatJerseyGirl - Your strength, perseverance, and loyalty are unmatched in my eyes. You are headstrong and focused, and despite all that life has thrown at you so far, I know in my heart that you are meant for, and will achieve, great things. I am lucky to call you my best friend.

Dear @kristen_marie_p - You inspire me every day to keep writing. You may worry about where your words will end up, but I don't. I can't wait to stand in line for you to sign my book, over and over, in every city of your tour.

Dear mom - You are my oldest, closest, and best friend. I would be lost without you - I would not be me without you. Thank you for my wicked sense of humor. Thank you for teaching me how to cook (and you're welcome for the baking I taught you). Thank you for never saying no. Thank you for letting me stumble and learn for myself who I am. I can't wait to share what you taught me with my future children.

Dear @brittanyherself - Thank you for leading me down the path of loving myself despite my flaws. Your humor and honesty over a topic so many women dread discussing is a gift to women everywhere. And thanks from my thighs for the tip about wearing boxer briefs with dresses, I'll be trying that out once it gets warmer.

Dear @blogdangerously - Thank you for #wineparty - a place where women can come together on the internet and not fight or be negative, but laugh, drink, and support each other for a few hours after a long week of being kick-ass women.

(all usernames are twitter handles!)

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