Under New Management

Hello...anybody still around? So, the blog's been gone a while, but it's back. New name, new management, same random commentary on whatever we feel like.

The new name, Syntaxtual Healing, is, if you're a little slow, a play on the song Sexual Healing. Basically, we heal our emotional life-wounds with words. In some cases, these words may be about sex. Maybe that's Sexual Syntaxtual Healing? But most of the time, they'll just be normal syntaxtual healing - us, sharing our random thoughts, annoyances, enjoyances(?), and whatever else we feel like.

In other blog news, Dennis is now hosting the blog with me, so he'll be making his own posts, rather than guest posts. Welcome, hubby man.

To kick things off, and in the spirit of the holiday season, we're going to be posting some thoughts on some of our favorite Christmas movies, with our own standard spin on things. We're kicking off our very own 25 days of Christmas movies tonight with Elf, so expect something soon on that one. Here's a preview thought of my own - this is probably the last thing I've truly enjoyed Zooey Deschanel in, aside from her iPhone commercial where she asks if it's raining while staring out a damn window and is so damn lazy she has to ask Siri where to get soup.

So, welcome back. Or welcome. We hope you enjoy this.

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