Peter Comes Home for Christmas

In keeping with our holiday-themed posts, I thought I'd take a pause from Christmas movies and take a look at some classic Christmas advertising. More specifically, for this post, a Folgers commercial that I cannot remember not seeing around Christmas:

This commercial, I learned, was created and originally aired in 1985. That means that Peter was coming home for Christmas before I even lived in the United States. The original version of this commercial aired until 1998, with edited versions making a reappearance in '04 and '05. That one commercial served the Folgers company for 13 straight years. I hope Peter signed up for some residuals, because Folger's was making bank off this ad until his sister was coming home from college.

Whether you like Folgers coffee or not, I cannot think of any other coffee company that has such an iconic presence in Christmas. The only other drink of any kind that comes to mind is Coca Cola. And now, Folgers has realized the error of their ways and has updated the classic commercial. Since 2009, Peter has made a comeback, his sister is older, and Folger's is cashing in on the holiday tear-jerker once again:

I don't know about anyone else, but it doesn't feel like Christmas until I've gotten a little misty over a Folger's Christmas commercial. Now I'm off to get a gingerbread latte at Starbucks.

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