Day 9 - Die Hard 2

"The holiday season of peace and love has become a nightmare."

Not so fast there, Dick. Christmas invitations have already gone out, and someone arrived at Dulles yesterday ready to party.

Yup, John McClane. Last time you shared Christmas Eve with him, a bunch of crap went down as fast and messy as Hans Gruber off the side of Nakatomi Tower. Since then, everything's been pretty great. John and Holly are together, they're living in LA, and aside from having to spend a day alone with his in-laws in Washington DC, the holidays are shaping up to be pretty easy going.

Except, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, McClane style.

Dulles is becoming the epicenter of a shitstorm moving up the east coast behind a cold front. Holly McClane is en route on an NEA flight from LA, drug lord General Ramon Esperanza is being extradited to the US and will be picked up in less than 2 hours, and the flurries along the Virginia coast are becoming stronger.

All of these things make Colonel Stuart a very happy man.

Although he doesn't show it, he's smiling on the inside. He's as happy as when he does his morning calisthenics in the nude.

Basically, what we're seeing is the making of a lousy Christmas, especially for the poor people on Windsor airlines. We're not going to see selfish John from Die Hard; instead, we're going to see more of a superhero John. A John who travels all around the airport in the snow. In a big coat. Covered in red. Knowing who is naughty, and knowing who is nice.

Yes, John McClane is Santa Claus this Christmas Eve. The rogue special forces unit want to free the General and hightail it to the tropics on their own, fully fueled 747. The people on the airplanes, mostly kept in the dark about the whole situation, just want to land. Dick Thornberg wants a Pulitzer.

Much like what you learned when you were a kid that one Christmas morning as you searched around the tree in vain for that one gift you wanted more than life itself, you can't always get what you want.

John knows that people like his beloved Holly are good and that the guys in the rogue special forces unit have been bad. Seems they've been overreaching with their Christmas wish list. Maybe if they had just asked for a few vans instead, Santa McClane may have been more forgiving. So, instead of coal in their stocking, they get flame in their fuel tank.

Turns out the Pulitzer was too much, as well. Thorny gets tased in a airplane bathroom.

Merry Christmas to one and all, from John McClane!

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