Day 4 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

While one of my favorite Christmas movies, there is one part of How the Grinch Stole Christmas that never gets enough attention:

Poor old Max. Loyal as a pet dog should be. Seamstress's assistant, reindeer, willing to overlook all of the Grinch's faults. And does he get any appreciation, affection, or even a treat or two from the Grinch? You should all know that the obvious answer to this question is no. Even as the Grinch's heart grows 3 sizes, his focus is only on the toys and decorations that no longer even embody the true meaning of Christmas.

As we watched this year, I wondered what the story would sound like from the perspective of Max the dog. I think it would be Max's story of the Christmas Max finally escaped the cave and got a real family. Rather than song, the story would be punctuated by Max's sardonic commentary on life with the Grinch. Of course, he wants to be loyal to his owner - he is a dog after all. But he's hit his breaking point with this whole stealing Christmas thing. Yet, despite it all, he continues to help the Grinch, because his genetic makeup won't let him do anything else.

Luckily, as with all Christmas stories, Max's story also has a happy ending. As he rides the sleigh down to Whoville with the Grinch, his new life awaits him:

In the end, I like to believe that Max finds a loving, non-cave home with Cindy Lou Who and her family. Where every Christmas he gets his own slice of roast beast, and his loyalty is rewarded with treats and love, rather than being strapped into an antler and almost plummeting to his death at the peak of Mount Crumpit.

Merry Christmas, Max. I hope you enjoy your slice of roast beast.

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