Day 15 - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Before I get into my thoughts on this wonderful, iconic piece of Christmas nostalgia, I wanted to share something with you all.

I love cheesy animated gifs. Lately, I've noticed them making a comeback on the internet, and I find this to be the most wonderful thing ever. So, as part of my review tonight, I will share some Christmas Vacation gifs. Some of them are good, some of them are so bad they're good, all of them are spectacularly gif-fy.

So, Christmas Vacation. What can I say about this movie? It's a Christmas staple in our house, and probably is in yours too. It's full of wonderfully hysterical lines, belly-laugh inducing scenes, and reminds us all that while family can drive us crazy, being together at Christmas is just what you do.

Our hero, Clark W. Griswold, just wants a good old fashioned family Christmas. With a perfect tree, a perfectly decorated house, and a perfect Christmas eve dinner with the family. From the beginning, he's set up for failure - even his wife tells him he should know better than to expect perfection.

Our hero starts his journey full of Christmas cheer, as full as Cousin Eddie's shitter.

Even his anger at the start of the movie is lighthearted. As the family sings carols in the car (well, as Clark and Ellen sing) on the way to pick out the perfect Christmas tree, even some rednecks on the road only illicit the casual flipping of the bird. No screaming, maybe a touch of aggressive driving, but Clark is still in full-on Christmas mood mode.


As the days creep ever closer to Christmas, Clark's bonus is nowhere to be found. The family arrive and cause a disruption of everything normal in the Griswold home. Ellen's parents have nothing but shitty things to say about Clark. The 25,000 imported twinkle lights simply will not light. Clark's Christmas Spirit has dwindled to half a tank.

Just in time to kick him back into the spirit, the lights go on, but they still don't twinkle.

As we reach Christmas Eve, outwardly Clark is still feeling the spirit of Christmas, and is ready for a special night with his family. But, under the surface, he's down to a quarter of a tank. He still has no Christmas bonus, and if he doesn't get one, his deposit check on the family pool is going to bounce. All Clark wants to do is share joy with his family, but as we all know, Christmas Eve at the Griswold home is less joyous and more...burny?

One event after another leaves Clark's Christmas spirit running on empty. But we all know that redemption is coming, and it's coming in the form of a blue leisure suit. Despite his lack of tact or grace, Cousin Eddie does, in the end, get Clark "something nice" - his Christmas bonus. That and a tactical SWAT team in his living room on Christmas Eve.

As for me, watching Christmas Vacation always seems to refill my tank of Christmas Spirit. Want to know where I'm gonna put this big supply of Christmas cheer? Bend over and I'll show you.


All gifs can be found here:

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