"For a healthy family life, the husband should be the only penis she knows"

I found this link courtesy of dooce.com and Heather's Friday roundup of many hilarious or awe inspiring things on the internet.

This, while fucking hysterical, was not intended as such. Furthermore, while I laughed my ass of reading it, it also made me sad. I mean, I'm not saying living your life not masturbating means your life isn't worth living. But to have someone essentially tell you that if you do it, you're going to end up a straight up rampant whore with venereal diseases who shares dildos with your college friends, who will be lucky to get married and enter a relationship where sex is, apparently, only for procreation and to show your husband that you love him...I mean that's just straight up fucked up.

So...take a read, let me know what you think. Did you find this both initially hilarious and then subsequently upsetting?

Note - some images are not safe for work. Unless you're work is down with a comparison photo of a giant dildo and three stacked coca cola cans.

"Real Women Don't Masturbate" - aka, shut the fuck up, you liar.

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