Febreeze Feet

This morning, I sniffed my shoes. Big mistake.

Seriously, aren't girls supposed to be all bubblegum and sunshine and smell like candy or some shit like that?

Rather than picking another pair of shoes, I doused my sandals in febreeze and wore flip flops in the car. They were still a little damp when I put them on in the parking lot and walked into the office. I'm hoping if I keep them off under my desk most of the day, they'll dry out and won't make my feet smell like old feet stank and febreeze. That or my feet stank will re-stank the shoes.

I'm not sure if I could tell who was the guilty party, I'd just end up with smelly feet and smelly shoes in either scenario.

In summary, my feet don't smell like candy or fruit or anything they tell you girls smell like.

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